Drinking distilled or purified water? For strong bones, make sure to add Calcium & Magnesium minerals in your water.

Distilled water has no minerals, and regular consumption of distilled water is not a good idea, unless you compensate with a perfect diet that is very rich in minerals (most people are far from perfect in their diet). Purified bottled water has a similar problem. Please note that the water that is supplied in large 5 gallon blue containers in office water coolers is typically purified water. Sometimes, the label on purified water may say “minerals added for taste” but the level of healthy minerals in such water is extremely low. Regular consumption of mineral-deficient water is risky for your health (the World Health Organization has published a detailed scientific report on this). Water is normally an important source of healthy minerals such as calcium and magnesium, which are normally dissolved as highly absorbed electrolytes.

EMDROPS is excellent for adding healthy mineral electrolytes to drinking water. Please see more product info below.

Doctor Insight

Poor hydration, and deficiencies of calcium & magnesium are common underlying causes of many health issues. The simplest way to stay hydrated and improve intake of such essential minerals is through drinking water and healthy beverages.

EMdrops is a new type of water enhancer that provides essential mineral electrolytes to improve hydration. EMdrops is also a unique concentrated liquid mineral supplement without preservatives. It is useful for boosting intake of calcium and magnesium in beverages, to support bone and cardiovascular health.

The Benefits Of Watermins EMdrops

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AS A WATER ENHANCER, EMdrops improves taste and absorption of reverse-osmosis filtered, softened, distilled, or purified bottled waters, via healthy mineral electrolytes; and provides improved hydration. A good level of hydration is absolutely foundational for health and fitness, and has dozens of benefits.
AS A MINERAL SUPPLEMENT, EMdrops provides essential minerals (calcium, magnesium, potassium and chloride) for strong bones and cardiovascular health, among other benefits. In fact, these minerals are involved in hundreds of enzyme and biochemical pathways in the body.
BONUS BENEFIT: With EMdrops, all your troubles will instantly vanish and you will become a celebrity… just kidding! But you may be surprised how well you feel after using this simple product, particularly if you happen to have a deficiency of calcium or magnesium intake.
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What It Doesn’t Have

  • Calories, Colors, Preservatives
  • Sodium, Sugars, Sweeteners
  • Fats, Dairy, Carbs, Gluten
  • Wheat, Corn, Soy
  • Eggs, Nuts, Fish
  • GMOs, Animal Ingredients
  • BPA, Artificial Flavors, Caffeine

What It Does Have

  • Ionic Calcium (Essential Mineral Electrolyte)
  • Ionic Magnesium (Essential Mineral Electrolyte)
  • Ionic Potassium (Essential Mineral Electrolyte)
  • Ionic Chloride (Essential Mineral Electrolyte)
  • Purified Water
  • High Purity USP Ingredients
  • Manufactured with GMPs in USA

Important Notes

ALWAYS DILUTE: EMdrops is concentrated and must be diluted in water or in a beverage for use. For maximum benefit, we recommend diluting EMdrops in purified or filtered water, or in a  wholesome and healthy beverage of your choice.
DISCUSS WITH A DOC: Although EMdrops is a very useful and healthy product for most people, as with any dietary supplement, it is best to discuss usage with your doctor, particularly if you take prescription medicines.
RISK VERSUS BENEFIT: There is always some perceived risk in trying something new, even when it could greatly benefit you. Fear not, because EMdrops can be returned for a full refund if you are not satisfied, for any reason.
CHANGE CAN BE GOOD: Most people usually resist change for various reasons. So it is fair to let you know that regular use of EMdrops may change you. For example, you may quit buying huge calcium pills or preservative-laden calcium-magnesium supplements, because now you have a superior alternative. Or you may stop spending a fortune on bottled water, and you may become much kinder to your body and to the environment, because you discover that home-filtered water enhanced with EMDrops is so much better.

Supplement Facts

Product Info (PDF)

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Three Easy Steps: How To Use EMdrops

3 Easy Steps step 1

1. Add EMdrops

Add a few drops per cup of water when using EMdrops as a water enhancer. Add 1/2 tsp. to juice, coffee, soup etc when using EMdrops as a mineral supplement.

3 Easy Steps step 2

2. Pour Water or Beverage

EMdrops instantly mixes as you pour in water or beverage, and fortifies your drink with healthy mineral electrolytes.

3 Easy Steps step 3

3. Enjoy The Benefits

With regular use of EMdrops, you may notice health and fitness benefits such as improved mood and energy, increased endurance, and stronger bones.

EMdrops is concentrated, and must always be diluted in water or beverage.


How to Use EMDROPS

The “First Lady” of EMdrops (inventor’s wife) has been using EMdrops daily for over three years!

In this two minute video, she explains how to use it 1) as an electrolyte water enhancer and 2) as a liquid calcium-magnesium mineral supplement

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Customer & Expert Reviews

Using EMdrops is a wonderful, new, and practical way to nourish one’s bones while facilitating proper hydration for the body; I truly like that EMdrops allows this in such an appealing way! The ingredients constitute bone-healthy nutrients which enhance the flavor of not only purified water, but also my one delicious, light roast, organic morning coffee! No calories either… (see more on Reviews Page)
Dr. Ken Howayeck, DPM, Author, Bone Health Made Easy
Great product! I started using EMdrops recently, and now my entire family is using it! We use reverse-osmosis filtered water at home and it always bothered me that the filtration process removes good minerals as well. But now I just add a couple of drops in every glass of water for the good minerals. I love to work out almost everyday and I have noticed more energy level and less knee pain… (see more on Reviews Page)
Dr. Sabby Singh, OD, Eye Specialists of Texas, Houston
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We want to do our part to make this world a better place for all. Therefore, an important part of our mission is to contribute at least 10% of our net earnings towards health and environment projects, through selected non-profit organizations with outstanding track records.

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