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Our product EMDROPS (Essential Electrolyte Mineral Drops) is for healthy hydration.

It makes Electrolyte Water. Also works as a Liquid Calcium-Magnesium Supplement.

EMDROPS has NO artificial colors or preservatives, NO sugars or fillers.

Is EMDROPS Right For You?

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Purified waters (such as reverse-osmosis filter water, distilled water, softened + filtered water, and purified bottled water – whether store bought or home-delivered) are deficient in healthy minerals, and regular consumption of such water can be risky for your health. EMdrops is excellent for adding healthy mineral electrolytes to any type of drinking water, and is particularly suited for purified water. It is important to add electrolyte minerals to purified water, to help avoid mineral deficiencies, and to support health & hydration. EMdrops also improves the taste of purified water. It provides a subtle natural mineral water taste that most people prefer. Our taste buds are able to detect the presence of water-dissolved natural minerals even in small quantities. Try comparing the taste of mineral water and purified water side-by-side, and you will notice the difference immediately!
These bottled waters have healthy electrolytes, but at very low concentrations (the labels of these bottles usually specify “minerals added for taste”). Using EMdrops with water filtered or purified at home (i.e. using a RO filter or distillation system) is a much smarter choice: you get pure, great tasting water with healthy levels of electrolytes at a much lower cost, while being kind to the environment by reducing bottle waste. Interesting FACT: Because EMdrops is highly concentrated, a single 2 oz travel-size bottle of EMdrops provides about 3 to 4 times electrolytes for your drinking water than 1200 servings of electrolyte-enhanced, or ‘smart’ bottled water. In other words, if you add a single drop of EMdrops to a cup of purified water (from your RO filter etc), you will get 3-4 fold higher level of electrolytes, as compared to a cup of store-bought smart water or electrolyte-enhanced water.
EMdrops can be used to make mineral-rich water at home at a small fraction of the cost of store-bought mineral water, and without all the wasted glass and plastic bottles that typically end up in landfills. Also keep in mind that the quality of bottled mineral water can be highly variable, depending on the spring source and the quality of the bottle. So if you like drinking mineral water, give EMdrops a try, and be kind both to your wallet and the environment!
Water fluoridation is very controversial, and awareness is increasing about the toxic effects of adding fluoride chemicals to drinking water. Many advanced countries have banned water fluoridation already. Fluoride can be removed from drinking water by reverse-osmosis filtration, or by distillation, but unfortunately these methods also remove beneficial minerals. You now have the option of getting rid of fluoride from drinking water, while adding healthy minerals back into the purified water, via EMdrops.
There is a reason why these waters taste flat, boring or even bitter. These waters are so pure that they are “empty” of the mineral nutrients that our taste-buds instinctively expect in water. Adding EMdrops not only improves the taste, it also improves hydration, i.e. your body absorbs and uses more of the water that you drink (that’s why sports drinks always have electrolytes).
Practically all sports drinks have sodium and sugars. However, most have negligible, or no calcium and magnesium, and both are crucial for optimal muscle function. You can add EMdrops to any sports drink, or use our recipe to make your own healthy sports drink to boost performance without breaking the bank (recipe coming soon!)
One of the key reasons for experiencing headache, dullness, or hangover after alcoholic drinks is dehydration. Drink a full cup of water with a few drops of EMdrops before and after partying to improve hydration, and see how it helps!
Now you have a choice. Add half-teaspoon of EMdrops to your favorite juice or beverage instead of forcing down huge capsules or tablets that are poorly absorbed. 1/2 teaspoon of EMdrops fortifies your beverage with 25% of the recommended daily intake (RDA) of Calcium and Magnesium, in an liquid ionic electrolyte form which is absorbed much better as compared to mineral tablets and capsules (so you need less). In fact, EMdrops is the first and only concentrated Calcium & Magnesium supplement in a fully dissolved, clear liquid form, without any preservatives, fillers or other additives! If you are sensitive to preservatives and need a calcium or magnesium liquid supplement, give EMdrops a try!
EMdrops is a patent-pending liquid supplement that provides four essential mineral electrolytes (calcium, magnesium, potassium and chloride) in a fully dissolved ionic state for high absorption, with no additives, preservatives, sweeteners, calories, colors, fillers, or stabilizers. Gluten-free, and packaged in a BPA-free bottle. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians, as well as omnivores!
Dietary surveys show that millions of people have insufficient intake of essential minerals, particularly calcium and magnesium. These minerals are crucial for good health, and mineral deficiencies are risk factors for diseases such as osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease. Those most at risk include children, post-menopausal women, and both men and women over 50. EMdrops makes it easy to boost calcium and magnesium intake, by boosting these eesential nutrients in your drinking water or favorite beverages.
Some people reduce water intake to reduce bathroom visits for urination. Reducing water intake below the body requirement can be dangerous (it will lead to dehydration), and it is far better to address the underlying cause of the problem. The underlying cause of high number of bathroom visits could be high stress, high caffeine intake via tea/coffee/soda, diuretic prescription drugs, enlarged prostate in men, and/or regular consumption of purified or distilled water lacking in minerals (all of these can increase bathroom trips). The last issue can be directly addressed by adding mineral electrolytes via EMdrops to the water, and doing so will improve hydration and health in general.
Calcium and Magnesium are essential minerals and needed by the body in relatively large amounts. These minerals are particularly important for healthy growth in children, adolescents, and teenagers. If your child needs calcium-magnesium supplementation, we suggest adding EMdrops to a suitable beverage that they enjoy, after discussing the dosage with your child’s pediatrician.
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Introducing EMDROPS:
Essential Electrolyte Mineral Drops

Water Enhancer and

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No Colors. No Calories. No Preservatives…

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EMDROPS is Easy To Use!

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Add a few drops per cup of water when using EMDROPS as a water enhancer. Or add 1/2 teaspoon to juice, coffee, soup etc., when using EMDROPS as a mineral supplement.

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2. Pour Water or Beverage

EMDROPS instantly mixes as you pour in water or beverage, and fortifies your drink with healthy mineral electrolytes. Your electrolyte-enhanced water or beverage is ready to be enjoyed!

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3. Enjoy The Benefits!

EMDROPS improves hydration and intake of essential mineral electrolytes. With regular use you may notice health and fitness benefits such as better moods, higher energy levels, improved endurance, relief from leg or muscle cramps, and stronger bones.

EMdrops is very concentrated, and should be always diluted in water or beverage.

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What People Are Saying

The most effective water-purification methods, such as reverse-osmosis and distillation, and filter systems like Zero Water remove not only contaminants but also minerals from water, including essential minerals such as calcium and magnesium that are normally present in drinking water in electrolyte form – these mineral electrolytes are needed for optimal hydration. It is for these reasons that I put a few drops of EMDROPS in our filtered, purified drinking water for my family, including our animals (See more on Reviews Page)
Dr. Michael W. Fox, D.Sc., Ph.D., Veterinarian and Nationally Syndicated Columnist, 'Animal Doctor'
Great product! I started using EMDROPS recently, and now my entire family is using it! We use reverse-osmosis filtered water at home and it always bothered me that the filtration process removes good minerals as well. But now I just add a couple of drops in every glass of water for the good minerals. I love to work out almost everyday and I have noticed more energy level and less knee pain… (See more on Reviews Page)
Dr. Sabby Singh, OD, Eye Specialists of Texas, Houston
Using EMDROPS is a wonderful, new, and practical way to nourish one’s bones while facilitating proper hydration for the body; I truly like that emdrops allows this in such an appealing way! The ingredients constitute bone-healthy nutrients which enhance the flavor of not only purified water, but also my one delicious, light roast, organic morning coffee! No calories either… (See more on Reviews Page)
Dr. Ken Howayeck, DPM, Author, Bone Health Made Easy

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