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Using EMDROPS is a wonderful, new, and practical way to nourish one’s bones while facilitating proper hydration for the body; I truly like that emdrops allows this in such an appealing way! The ingredients constitute bone-healthy nutrients which enhance the flavor of not only purified water, but also my one delicious, light roast, organic morning coffee! No calories either. I’ve started carrying this little bottle of emdrops in my pocket — makes it so easy to fortify beverages with healthy electrolytes to improve calcium magnesium intake!
Dr. Kenneth Howayeck, DPM, Author of Bone Health Made Easy.
Great product! I started using EMDROPS recently, and now my entire family is using it! We use reverse-osmosis filtered water at home and it always bothered me that the filtration process removes good minerals as well. But now I just add a couple of drops in every glass of water for the good minerals. I love to work out almost everyday and I have noticed more energy level and less knee pain. I love the fact that it adds no calories or preservatives to my drink. As a matter of fact it adds a refreshing taste to water. Ever since I got this product I’m drinking more water.

I have 2 boys who do not like to drink milk and I used to be really concerned if they were getting enough calcium. But now with EMDROPS in their water I am relieved and not worried so much about their calcium intake. The product comes in a very easy to use bottle. I have it on kitchen counter next to the drinking water faucet. And I feel more hydrated and energized than I have been in a long time. I love this product and will continue to use it!

Dr. Sabby Singh, OD, Eye Specialists of Texas, Houston, TX
As a veterinarian I am concerned about the quality and safety of drinking water people provide for their animal companions. Older animals who drink more water because of kidney and other health issues, and cats who may be finicky drinkers and not maintain adequate hydration especially when fed an all-dry food, are of special concern. Water purification is needed to remove pollutants in most water supplies anywhere in the world (for details see my article “Pure Water for Cats and Dogs — and All” posted on my website

The most effective water-purification methods, such as reverse-osmosis and distillation, and filter systems like Zero Water remove not only contaminants but also minerals from water, including essential minerals such as calcium and magnesium that are normally present in drinking water in electrolyte form – these mineral electrolytes are needed for optimal hydration. It is for these reasons that I put a few drops of EMDROPS in our filtered, purified drinking water for my family, including our animals.

Dr. Michael W. Fox, Veterinarian and Columnist, 'Animal Doctor'

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