WATERMINS announces nationwide availability of EMDROPS, a preservative-free patent-pending liquid mineral supplement and water enhancer for adding essential mineral electrolytes to purified drinking water. EMDROPS allows consumers to easily make electrolyte water for health and hydration benefits, at just a few pennies a day; and also gives consumers the option of significantly increasing calcium and magnesium dietary intake via beverages of their choice.

Newbury Park, Calif. (PRWEB) August 13, 2015 — WATERMINS, a privately held startup company in Southern California, announces nationwide availability of a patent-pending liquid mineral supplement and water enhancer for adding essential mineral electrolytes (including calcium, magnesium and potassium) to drinking water. Named EMDROPS and pronounced “mdrops,” (name coined from “essential electrolyte mineral drops”), the product is particularly useful for adding healthy minerals to any type of mineral-deficient water, including reverse-osmosis filtered, distilled, softened, deionized, and purified bottled water. EMDROPS is also used as a liquid calcium-magnesium dietary supplement for adding into beverages, and it is free of calories, colors, or preservatives. It is the first mineral supplement that provides high levels of both calcium and magnesium in a fully dissolved, clear liquid form without any added preservatives. Details are available at Watermins.com.

The invention and development of EMDROPS was motivated by health and hydration considerations. Health scientists and epidemiologists have known for a long time that regular consumption of “hard water” (with dissolved calcium and magnesium mineral electrolytes) is associated with better health outcomes, as compared to drinking “soft” or purified water that is lacking in healthy electrolyte minerals. This is particularly the case with respect to cardiovascular disease, which is the number one cause of disease mortality in advanced nations.

Numerous studies from all over the world have shown statistical correlations of improved cardiovascular health with consumption of drinking water containing healthy levels of calcium and magnesium. This is because these minerals are highly absorbed from water, circulate within blood and plasma as electrolytes, and are essential cofactors for hundreds of cellular functions and enzyme reactions in the body. Additional benefits of these mineral electrolytes include improved water taste and enhanced hydration.

Mineral electrolytes are normally present in most sources of tap and well water. Unfortunately, these waters also have numerous residual toxic contaminants originating from agricultural runoff, industrial pollution, and wastewater recycling. Therefore, most households use water filters or other purification devices for drinking water. However, there is a trade-off involved with water purification systems. The best filters and purification systems (including reverse-osmosis filters and distillation systems) remove practically all healthy mineral electrolytes from the water, along with undesirable contaminants. Similarly, purified bottled water supplied in the common 5-gallon blue bottles for office water coolers is typically devoid of healthy minerals.

EMDROPS addresses this problem, and gives consumers the option of easily adding electrolyte minerals into their drinking water via electrolyte drops. Just a single drop of this product added in a 8 oz cup of drinking water provides about 100 PPM of healthy mineral electrolytes (a much higher level than what is found in most brands of bottled electrolyte water). This results in many benefits, including better tasting water, improved hydration, and improved intake of essential minerals, for just a few pennies a day.

When used in larger quantities, EMDROPS functions as a potent, highly-absorbed, liquid mineral supplement. A half teaspoon of EMDROPS taken in a beverage provides 25% recommended daily adult intake of calcium and magnesium as fully dissolved liquid ionic minerals, that are better absorbed than the solid mineral ingredients in tablets and capsules. The dissolved liquid format of EMdrops allows easy dietary supplementation of calcium and magnesium within juice, tea, coffee, soup etc; and this is very useful for children and seniors since they have difficulty swallowing large calcium-magnesium pills.

The product formula was originally invented for family use by company founder Vick Wadhwa, Ph.D., who has a professional background in biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. After using EMDROPS personally on a daily basis for several months, he became convinced of its benefits and took on the challenge of bringing it to market.

EMDROPS is manufactured and packaged in the United States at a FDA-approved facility. It has been introduced into commerce via Amazon.com, and additional sales channels will be added over time. For more information, please visit Watermins.com, or contact Vick Wadhwa.


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