Sports drinks typically have electrolytes in the form of Sodium and Chloride (common salt), and may also include Potassium. EMDROPS formula does not have Sodium (on purpose), and it has calcium, magnesium, potassium, and chloride electrolytes. It does not have any Sodium, because most adults have excess sodium in their diets, which has been linked to cardiovascular issues. In fact, most adults also do not need to consume any sports drinks with sodium chloride, unless they experience significant sweating due to physical activity, or due to hot weather.

Yes, EMDROPS can be used to make or improve sports drinks, specifically to add Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium electrolytes. Please note that many sports drinks do not provide any significant level of Cacium and Magnesium, although these are essential mineral electrolytes that are necessary for hundreds of enzyme pathways in the body, and are needed for optimal performance. If your sports drink does not provide calcium and magnesium, just add a few drops of EMDROPS to it for a much improved drink.

It is also possible to skip sports drinks altogether. When you experience sweating, you can get excellent hydration by adding a pinch of table salt, and a couple of drops of EMDROPS to a cup of drinking water (preferably filtered). Follow up with some fresh fruit, healthy snack, protein bar etc, when you want some healthy nourishment to go along with the hydration. This way, you can avoid buying expensive sports drinks with artificial colors, sweeteners and preservatives that you don’t need, while getting the wholesome hydration and nourishment that you do need.