All ingredients in EMDROPS are GMP manufactured and comply with USP standards (United States Pharmacopoeia) to ensure high purity and quality. Further, all of the ingredients are classified by FDA to be GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe).

EMdrops has the following “Essential/Electrolyte Minerals” listed below. All these minerals are classified by health authorities as “essential” because they cannot be manufactured by the human body and regular intake of these minerals in food and water is essential for human health:

Calcium (as ionic electrolyte Ca2+), Magnesium (as ionic electrolyte Mg2+), Potassium (as ionic electrolyte K+), and Chloride (as ionic electrolyte Cl-). ┬áThese electrolytes are dissolved in Purified Water USP. There are no other additives, colors, flavors, preservatives etc. For more details, including milligrams of each electrolyte per serving, please have a look at the “Supplement Facts” label information, available on the EMDROPS Product Overview page.