Essential Minerals are those specific minerals that are classified by nutritional scientists and authorities to be essential for our survival and proper functioning. These minerals occur naturally in our planet’s soil and water. There are at least 15 different minerals in this category, and we normally get these minerals from food and water.

The most commonly known essential minerals are calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, iron, chloride, and zinc. Some minerals are required by our bodies in relatively large amounts and are called “macro-minerals”. Lesser known essential minerals are chromium, copper, iodine, manganese, molybdenum, phosphorus, selenium and sulfur. Emerging data indicates that additional minerals such as silica (or silicon) probably deserve to be on the list as well.

Electrolytes are elements or molecules that carry electrical charges in aqueous (water-based) solutions. Electrolytes are also referred to as “ions”, that are further classified as cations and anions (cations carry positive charge, and anions carry negative charge). In the context of water and beverages, electrolytes are ionic or ionized minerals that are dissolved within the water or beverage, as compared to regular electrically neutral minerals found within various foods, tablets, capsules, powders and suspensions. Regular minerals within foods are electrically neutral, because they are bound to other elements within the foods, and this makes them harder to absorb (less bioavailable), as compared to electrolyte minerals in water.

In other words, the term “electrolyte” typically implies ionized minerals dissolved within water and beverages. Electrolytes are typically minerals, whereas minerals may or may not be electrolytes. Further, electrolytes can be either “essential minerals”, or they can be non-essential (not needed by the body), and some electrolytes are even toxic! For example, toxic minerals such as arsenic, cadmium and lead can be present in drinking water as electrolytes. This is the reason why it is important to filter your drinking water. This is also the reason to know or check what specific electrolytes are present in the water and beverages that your regularly consume.

Our product EMDROPS is designed to add the most important essential macro-minerals (in particular, Calcium and Magnesium) in an ionized electrolyte form to drinking water and beverages. Why the focus on calcium and magnesium? Because these two electrolytes are ALWAYS present in naturally occurring good quality drinking water, and most people do not have a sufficient or consistent dietary intake of calcium and magnesium. EMDROPS also contains potassium and chloride in an electrolyte form, another two extremely important macro-minerals that most people need more of.

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