When used as a water enhancer, EMDROPS is used in the same way for both adults and children i.e. add 1 to 2 drops per cup of water for subtle taste, and 3 to 5 drops per cup for a stronger mineral water taste.

When using EMDROPS as a calcium-magnesium supplement, it is best to discuss the dose with your child’s pediatrician, and customize based on your child’s needs. Please note that for supplement use, EMDROPS should be diluted in juice, smoothie, soup etc, based on child’s taste preference. If you add more than a few drops to water, the taste will be too strong and not very palatable. 

Here is additional info that is helpful to understand with respect to supplement use. The normal recommended intake of calcium for an adult of age 19 to 50 yrs is 1000 mg. The recommended calcium intake for children based on their age as follows: 200 mg for infants up to 6 months; 260 mg (6 to 12 months); 700 mg (1 to 3 yrs); 1000 mg (4 to 8 yrs); 1300 mg (9 to 18 yrs). So as you can see, as compared to adults, calcium requirement is much lower for infants and young kids, but for pre-teens and teenagers the requirement is higher than the standard intake for adults. An additional note: Adults >51 yrs also need higher calcium at about 1000 to 1200 mg, and the recommended calcium intake for pregnant and lactating women is between 1000 to 1300 mg.

Similar to calcium, requirements for Magnesium also vary based on age. The normal recommended intake of magnesium for an “average” adult is 400 mg. The recommended magnesium intake for children based on their age as follows: 30 mg for infants up to 6 months; 75 mg (7 to 12 months); 80 mg (1 to 3 yrs); 130 mg (4 to 8 yrs); 240 mg (9 to 13 yrs); and approximately between 310 to 420 mg for older kids and adults (the recommended amounts vary by gender).

Obviously, the requirements of calcium and magnesium will also vary based on other factors such as body weight, dietary preferences etc. For example, a child who is raised on a vegan diet (no animal products, including cow’s milk, yogurt etc) will need more calcium and magnesium supplementation, unless there is an excellent intake of fresh vegetables. Due to all of these complex considerations, it is best to discuss your child’s dose with a pediatrician and/or a dietary consultant. This applies to all dietary supplements, not just EMDROPS.