No, EMDROPS does not have Vitamin D. When supplementing with any type of Calcium and Magnesium, it is a best practice to make sure that you do not have a Vitamin D deficiency. To find out, check your recent available health checkup reports, and if you don’t find a test report for Vitamin D, you will need to ask your physician (Vitamin D tests are nowadays quite commonly included in routine blood-work during annual checkups). In case you do have a Vitamin D deficiency, then it is best to take a Vitamin D supplement with meals that have some fat content (for best absorption). Many such supplements are available, and the best ones are made with simple ingredients – such as Vitamin D drops in Olive Oil.

Many multivitamin/mineral formulas combine Vitamin D with calcium and magnesium. Although such combinations are convenient, unfortunately they often do not work very well, particularly due to absorption issues from tablets and capsules. If you have a Vitamin D deficiency, please be aware that the amounts of Vitamin D found in most multi-vitamin or multi-mineral product are typically not sufficient to raise blood levels back to normal. Once again, the best Vitamin D supplements are made with simple ingredients.