The following groups will benefit most from using EMDROPS as a calcium-magnesium supplement.

1. If you currently take calcium/magesium tablets or capsules, but find it difficult to swallow them, or if you dislike taking them — then you can take EMDROPS in a beverage of your choice.

2. If you currently take calcium/magesium tablets or capsules, but continue to show signs of calcium or magnesium deficiency, indicating absorption issues. EMDROPS is better absorbed since the minerals are in a fully dissolved liquid electrolyte form.

3. If you currently take any type of calcium/magnesium supplement (i.e. tablets, capsules, liquids, powders etc), but do not like the fillers, additives, colors, preservatives etc. EMDROPS has just pure mineral electrolytes in purified water, with no additives of any kind.

4. If your child needs a calcium/magnesium supplement, and you dislike giving them tablets and capsules (choking hazard etc), and you also dislike giving them artificially colored/flavored liquids full of preservatives. In such a situation, EMDROPS is a good choice because it can be added to any wholesome juice or smoothie. Do consult with a pediatrician though to ensure that you use the appropriate dose. General dose information for children can be found here.

5. If you are an older adult who has difficulty swallowing tablets & capsules, or if you have absorption issues, you can add EMDROPS to a healthy beverage of your choice.